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updated September 14, 2023

training a bit each day after work, but could be doing more and/or getting more value out of the time i'm putting in. still a long way off where i used to be, but it's just a matter of time. playing on a laptop is a bit of an obstacle.

slowly rereading some of the books that have helped me with my training in the past, and taking notes where i think they say something important. cleaning up quotes, adding comments and context sometimes, and putting the results up on this website.

willing to coach tracking, with the caveat that i'm still learning how to coach. i need to charge some money if i'm going to justify the time commitment. i don't think it's right to charge much until i have a decent track record. i won't take your money if i don't think i can help you get to where you want to be. contact me on discord if interested. i am ryan in the discord server linked in the navbar. my username is ryan.m1 and you can also find me in the KovaaK's, Voltaic and Revosect discords.