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mouse1 doesn't really exist yet, but you can help me to create it if you find the idea interesting.

if you are interested, join the discord server. it's linked to in the navbar above.

what is it?

a small community of people (currently just a handful!) who enjoy aim training for its own sake.

people who:

what's in it for you?

a place to...

why not an existing community?

the big communities have a lot to offer, but there's also a lot i don't like.

they tend to attract low quality questions, which can't really have high quality answers. these questions invite short, sometimes dismissive responses. often responses come from people with no understanding of what they're talking about.

it's hard to have a good discussion without being interrupted in a community of any real size. this makes it hard to learn.

the existing communities have a heavy focus on high scores and benchmarks. it's understandable and not inherently a bad thing, but it's not what i want. in such a community, it's harder to be open about where you're at on average. even more so when the community is large.

besides, i have another couple of projects in the works which would synergize with this. having them all in one place would just make sense, even without the above reasons.

what's not on offer?

i'll leave you with a quote from a book about meditation, which i believe (with the obvious adjustments) is relevant to building any skill:

At every Stage, all ‘you’ really do is patiently and persistently hold intentions to respond in specific ways to whatever happens during your meditation. Holding this intention, together with returning our attention to the breath over and over whenever we get distracted, informs the unconscious weighing process that keeping the focus on the breath is important. Repeating simple tasks with a clear intention can reprogram unconscious mental processes. This can completely transform who you are as a person.

―Culadasa (John Yates), The Mind Illuminated